OFSTED: Reading and Literacy FAQ

How would inspectors be able to judge whether a pupil is reading a book that is at the right level for her or him?

There are at least two ways in which inspectors might do this. First, inspectors will simply use their professional judgement when they listen to a pupil reading. But they could also judge the number of words that the pupil reads accurately. If a pupil makes only one error in every 10–20 words – that is, she or he is reading with 90–94% accuracy – this indicates that the challenge of the book is about right. More than 10 errors in 100 words suggest that the book may be too difficult. With pupils whose decoding skills are secure, inspectors will also ask them about their understanding of what they have read.

'Reading and Literacy FAQ'

By ensuring that children are placed on the correct book band, schools can be confident that at any given time, OFSTED inspectors will find all pupils reading books with the appropriate level of challenge.

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