Michael Rosen offers some practical advice here about improving reading in school.

Some ways to improve reading in school:

1. Always have a class novel 'on-the-go' which you read at the end of each day.


2. Celebrate National Book Day by dressing up as a book character.


3. Display books face-out not spine-out.


4. Organise a Book Fair or Book Shop.


5. When a new delivery of books arrives in school, review the books in assembly; whet the children's appetites!


6. Set up a Reading Group.


7. Have a Swap Basket where children can put their finished/unwanted books and take another home.


8. Have a Donate A Book scheme for your school library, where families can donate a book.  Put a book plate in the front of the book to acknowledge the donation - see Anne Fine's excellent My Home Library for some examples of book plates.


9. Display a large collection of books by one author, including a display of information about the author.


10. Keep up to date with the latest reviews of children's books in magazines such as Books for Keeps and Carousel.


11. Have a whole school reading session first thing each morning, so parents can stay and read with children.  You could also use this time for guided reading.


12. Invite authors and poets to perform to the school and to work with children in workshops.  If this is expensive consider working with another school.


If you have any more good ideas, please send them in

and we'll add them to the list!